Hyper HU-SnG's

    • Anraxas
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      Now that the new year started I decided to get a new main game aswell (why the hell not!). So I want to learn a bit more about heads-up hyper SnG's. I haven't really played them before and as such I'm looking for a bit of advice from more experienced players. Things like:
      1) can you get a decent roi on them
      2) is it to much luckbased because of the format and I should focus on non hyper games
      3) what video's or theorie can you advice me
      4) are they beatable at the higher lvl's? (would be starting with 50$ so at the lowest levels)
      5) anything else you like to share

      So, any and all imput is appreciated.
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      Hey Anraxas!

      Happy new year to you!

      I've moved this thread to the relevant board where one of our resident SNG wizards will answer you in time :) Take a look at previous threads in this section as you may already see some answers that may help you!

      Kind regards and good luck with your poker!

    • bjela
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      1) 2-3% in the midstakes, probably a bit smaller higher up
      2) No, it's not more luck based than any other poker variant, and it's your decision what you play.
      3) Not much content on pokerStrategy, but if you go to 2+2 forum and check out their HUSNG section, you'll find plenty of quality stuff.
      4) Yes.
      5) If you're just starting out, I'd suggest you start with the turbos first, and then switch to hypers at some point (turbos have almost no action on 100$+). You'll get a used to the game, survive the first swings easier on the turbos than on the hypers.