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Realistic goals

    • Festfingre
      Joined: 19.07.2011 Posts: 70

      I wonder about what goals i can set that are realistic.

      I played poker on and off for a while, never considered myself particularly
      good at it, because i'd never follow the guidelines well enough.

      Now my game is picking up, and my bankroll is 250$
      I play NL16 for now

      My main question would be;
      would it be realistic for me to hope that next semester (in 8 months)
      i can play poker after school as a part time job, and sustain myself?

      I know theres alot to learn but i am an A student when i'm not high all the f¤¤% time. So i feel i'm not at a disadvantage there.

      Is my goal realistic? if not explain, and some feedback on what i would need to
      do to get there would be fantastic.

      On a sidenote:
      Do anyone on this forum live of poker alone?
      if so whats your bankroll and pay, if you would share this?

      And how much do you parttimers earn on a montly basis?
      If you want to share this ofcourse

      Thanks for reading, and even more for answers.

      that was that
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    • MatejM47
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 1,193
      Well i started playing about 2.5 years ago and been playing part time for about 2 years, mainly nl25-50 moving up and down. Took it more seriously last year and have managed to move up to nl100 and mixing in some nl200 games as well. The games are tough but still very beatable if you table select well.

      Imo you have to move up to at least nl50 and preferably to nl100 if you wanna live of it part time or full time. As to how much you can earn it highly depends on your win-rate and even more on your work ethics. A good thing about being a poker pro is being able to work as much as you want as nobody is forcing you to play. This can be a bad thing as it can easily result in being drunk and high more often then sober and playing.

      To beat the games it usually comes down to talent (5%), luck (5%) and the rest comes down to hard work.

      BRM depends on what games your playing and weather you play full time. I'd go for at least 100BI for cash though and i have no idea whats required for other games.

      I've been living only from poker for 10 months after beating nl50 for the previous 6months. Last 3 months playing nl100 im making about 50€/h which is a step up from my previous job of making 3,5€/h.

      My advice would be to start playing and see how it goes. Until then just play part time with no pressure and if you manage to make a few 100$ on the side then great and if not then keep improving.
    • Festfingre
      Joined: 19.07.2011 Posts: 70
      Your answer included everything i wanted to hear.

      But why 100BI ?

      Read somewhere on this site that 25 was enough,
      i am even less than that, and i feel comfortable for now.

      Maybe i will learn the hard way, then deposit anew and start over.

      If this is wrong thinking, please elaborate, i only wish to learn.

      Thanks for reply anyway, this motivated me alot

      Ps: So when i feel like going up to NL25, should i have a bankroll
      between 425$ and 2500$?
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,027
      Thank you for that wonderful post MatejM47 :)