help with pokerstrategy points!

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    • Velak
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      Greetings smatulis

      You will find your accumulated strategy points on your home page as long as you are logged in. Just look where the site which you play on is listed (as long as you have that site linked with your account).

      Remember that these points are not updated in real time. I think how often they are updated depends on which site you play on, but it can take a few days for them to show up. Don't worry, if your account is tracked, they'll show up there.

      EDIT: On PokerStars they are updated every few days. I have my points from the 13th showing up already, it was only 2 days ago. How long have you been playing at PokerStars?
    • tomzyb
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      And allso, if you play microstakes, it is possible you didn't get any points yet, because you get 1 VPP only when rake of the individual pot reaches 0.40$, so that means pot size at least 8$.
    • smatulis
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      i've been playing for a few weeks now, but.. i win 30 dolars... not from stealing blinds :)
      i ask at pokerstars and they told me to ask here :(
    • SoyCD
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      Hello smatulis,

      Could it be that you have not enabled information sharing?

      Open the PokerStars software on "Requests->Information Sharing". In the following window you have to confirm that your points data will be transferred to PokerStrategy. This is necessary to credit your collected StrategyPoints.

      After having done this - you should receive your StrategyPoints on a regular basis :)

      Best regards,
    • smatulis
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      I did!
      i don't know how to post a picture here....
    • CoreySteel
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      If you play microlimits it's very possible that you didn't get any pokerstrategy point at all... It doesn't matter how much money do you win, because Pokerstrategy points are based on pokerstar's VPP's.

      Go look at cashier if you've earned any VPP's yet.
      BTW, update needs a day or two...