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2013 6max hypers/superturbos (again)

    • qnb07
      Joined: 26.08.2007 Posts: 651
      Gave up poker for a while but now that FT is back I thought I´d have to give it a go again.
      Got my roll back but had to withdraw most of it (christmas+bills etc.)
      I left myself with $100 so now I´m starting on the 6max $1 super turbos.
      Currently trying to clear as much of the DMI bonus as I can. Not sure what
      I´m doing afterwards. Might move back to P*s or stay on FT. Probably depends on how well this little adventure goes.

      Here´s my graph since the 27th Dec when I started playing again.

      Massive downswing was when I played $2 tourneys for a bit. Won´t try that again till I have >100 BIs

      Cleared first part of bonus, not going to set myself a target of how much
      I´ll clear though since I can´t really plan what does I´ll be able to play and which days I won´t.

      For now I´ll just post updates of how many SNGs I managed each day. Got two weeks left to clear it so I´ll post graphs at end of week.
      No point posting every day since they´re ridiculously swingy.

      Gonna try and post hands to eval. forum every day since I´m still unsure about many situations, especially when stacks are really short.
      Not sure wiz is always right in those situations.
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    • qnb07
      Joined: 26.08.2007 Posts: 651
      done for today.

      191 sngs
      176 FTPoints

      slight loss for the day. i played 8 $2s and rest $1. lost every single $2 one so gave up and didnt quite recover the losses in the $1 ones. oh well.
      better luck tomorrow i hope. i won a lot more in evening than morning. not sure if its cos im not a morning person or if theres more fish later on in the day. will have to see how it goes in future.

      Off topic.
      I received my fitbit one today (
      so hoping to get some more motivation through it to walk/exercise more. sitting on my laptop 5+ hours a day definitely isnt helping my health. still playing around with it but will be setting myself some steps/ other weekly targets to meet once i get the hang of it.
    • dydukas
      Joined: 01.05.2009 Posts: 1,275
      I'm a hypers player too so will be following this. That FitBit device looks interesting off topic, post more about it when you'll start using it :P
    • qnb07
      Joined: 26.08.2007 Posts: 651
      today was shit.
      162 FTPoints

      Massive downer. got $10 rakeback for the week and still down a ton for the day. started off being even for ev and down for $ but last session was down in both. felt like there were quite a few coolers but who knows.

      down like $40 for the month so far (around $20 under EV). not going well. down a lot from $2 ones and slightly up from $1 ones, so as long as i stick to $1 i should be ok. going to cut it down to 6 tables for now, till i´ve climbed out of this hole. no point clearing the bonus if it doesnt even cover my losses....

      ot: my fitbit "toy" is quite cool. it counts how many hours sleep you get as well, and how many times you wake up (not sure how.) supposedly i woke up 42 times last night. not sure thats quite right though.
      to use the full features you have to tell the site what you eat each day which seems like a massive hassle... not sure im going bother with that for now. maybe if i start actually doing excercise (that´ll be the day)

      got a 20 quid tourney tomorrow i go to once a month. probably wont be doing much online poker. only cashed once all of last year but everyone is so terrible there that i just have to keep playing even if im down quite a bit. i dont use my online roll for it so it wont effect my online gaming.
    • qnb07
      Joined: 26.08.2007 Posts: 651
      started playing like shit.
      the idea was to clear the bonus but im losing quite steadily now so bonus wont help much.
      it probably isnt helped by the fact that the $1 supers have 9% rake compared to 6% on the $2.25 ones. so for the time being im gonna play the $2.25 ones and only play 2 tables and gradually add more.
      wont post graphs since they are embarrassing. but down like 50 BI this month. down 25 in ev but thats still not very good. :(