[NL2-NL10] 99 sb 10NL

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      I used to play poker 2 years ago but it was all fixed limit, Over the xmass I was bored and put €10 on 888 to donk around and ran it up to ~250 so I started playing 10nl now and feel like the biggest fish at the table :) I want to try and learn this game as I am enjoying it for the most part but there are a lot of situations where I am at a complete loss what to do, and why that is better over any other option.

      Here is a link to the hand, It would not convert in the hand converter for me.


      CO is 56/35 over ~50 hands
      Btn is 39/10 over ~30 hands

      My taughts on playing this hand were:

      Pre flop:
      I didnt want to 3bet because I had seen CO jam with ATs before v's a 3bet, had I 3bet and he shoved or made it ~$4 I think I would have folded, I taught it was better to see the flop with the BTN is as well cause the btn seems like a poorer player.

      On the flop:
      I bet out because I didnt want CO to check through his unpaired overcards giving him and the btn a chance to hit their outs. I also taught I would get value from 7x and 88 and A hi as well might call one street, I dont know,

      On the turn:
      After being just called on the flop and it being 3 handed I expected CO to raise with over pairs, so I taught on the turn I was still ahead, I taught he could have hit the Q with overs and back door FD with the flop call, but I didnt know if betting or x/calling was better, because he might try to bet at the Q with some of the hands he peeled the flop with that didnt improve or if betting for value of 7x 88 and picked up :club: 's

      again I have no clue whats best here or how to figure it out, I had planned on folding to a raise on the turn, which might be a reason to x/c as he might just bluff when x too.

      On the river:
      For my 1st action on the river I hadnt a clue what to do at the table and ended up checking, i was thinking of betting small like $2.1 and hoping he just calls with 7x 88 and Qx(that was scared of me having better than 1pair), I timed down and checked.

      When he bet, I was going to fold but, I didn't get raised on the flop or the turn and wasn't able to think of what value hands he had and was wondering if he was value betting a worse hand than mine, he bet almost the pot on the river as well. I called hoping between the times he was bluffing with :club: 's and was v betting a weaker hand I was good often enough.

      Sorry for the wall of text, If anyone takes the time to read it all feedback is appreciated.
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      First I want to ask you to post the hands here in the thread. Thanks in advance.

      Now to the hand:

      Preflop calling is fine as long as you don't feel comfortable playing 3bet pot with this hand OOP and don't want to go broke.

      On the flop I like donking here.

      As played on the flop, betting the turn is good.

      On the river I don't really like check/calling here. This way we leave him the chance to only bet his better hands and check back his weaker ones. Also, I don't really think people would call with overcards two streets often.
      I prefer betting here like 1/3 pot for value against PP and 66.