[NL20-NL50] 2 recreational players, one bad reg 99 NL 25 ok donk?

    • Saren113
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      Heya! my players that i am facing is pretty horribel btn plays 91/26 over 21 hands bb plays 41/28 over 33 hands, so he might be a regular but never seen him before so doubt it.

      PFR seems to be decent but he got big flaws in his game for sure, for an example i 3b him from the sb vs his open raise from UTG he flats it with 98s...

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      Lermontov77 (CO): $25.08
      makelelei370 (BTN): $37.13
      HERO (SB): $25
      hhhh_donk (BB): $25
      Hanza86 (UTG): $25
      joespar (UTG+1): $63.61

      Pre-flop: Dealt to HERO 9:club: 9:spade:
      (1 folds), joespar raises to $.75, (1 folds), makelelei370 calls $.75, HERO calls $.65, hhhh_donk calls $.50

      Flop: ($3) 2:spade: 5:diamond: 3:heart: (4 Players)
      HERO bets $1.75, hhhh_donk calls $1.75, (1 folds), makelelei370 calls $1.75

      Turn: ($8.25) 6:heart: (3 Players)
      HERO bets $4.75, hhhh_donk calls $4.75, makelelei370 calls $4.75

      River: ($22.50) 5:heart: (3 Players)
      HERO bets $17.75 and is all-in,
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    • mbml
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      I am tempted to sqz and isolate pf but it would be bad if we get 3-4way action or if we are daced w a 4b so call is fine.

      I cf this flop usually cos of poor equoty and playability but i think lead is fine with 2 whales in the hand.

      I would bet most blank turns like a 7 or 8 for value again frm hands like ak aq 4x. But on this turn i think its an ez cf. We lose to straights very often.