PokerStars 50$

    • Wilku88
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      There is a problem. i wrote at pokerstrategy correct ID from PokerStars which is the same in PokerStars and pokerstrategy, and support write to me that i wrote bad ID from PokerStars and the system cannot find me in PokerStars. Friend of mine has the same problem like me, but we have wroten good ID from PokerStars. What should i do to get bonus on PokerStars ?
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello Wilku88,

      I sadly cannot help you with this problem - as you have to clear it with our support. I am not sure why they would get a message of your ID not existing if it does in fact exist - so I cannot advise you on a best course of action. Are you 100% sure you have the nick spelled correctly?

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