How profitable are short stack super turbo sngs?

    • tommygecko
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      I used to think short stack super turbos are very luck dependent/high variance but maybe over the long run with good ICM skills and enough fishy opponents a decent profit can be made over a very large volume. They are good for grinding bonuses too. How much ROI does a average winning player have playing shortstack super turbo sngs only? Ranging from 6 max to 180s. What about the bankroll I need if I want to 4 table?
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      Hey tommygecko,

      Happy new year to you!

      As you've mentioned these games are high variance and very ICM dependent. I can't estimate an attainable ROI here for you, maybe someone who has volume in these games can tell you this.

      Regarding bankroll, if you are new to the limit I would suggest 150BIs, you may get away with below that at the lowest limits but the variance is soul crushing.

      I'll move this topic to our SNG board for further discussion.

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      Hi tommygecko,

      You could just go to Pokerstars and look at who is a reg (playing lots of tables) on the stake you are looking at, then scope them.

      Low ROIs are common and volume covers for this by getting players plenty of VPPs.

      I would also go to Sharkscope and look at the leaderboards to see what the best guys are achieving. That will give you some idea about max attainable ROI with Volume.

      Some of them will even have interesting blogs etc which may help.

      From experience Hypers are variance heavy as you know and 100 - 300 BI swings are noted.

      Most regs use push/fold charts and run close to 1-2% ROI mass multi tabling but achieving Supernova easily at $7+ due to their massive volumes.

      Good Luck.