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      Hi guys, welcome to what is going to be my frequently updated Poker/Life Blog.

      [b]Background - Pokerwise[/b]

      Ive been a on/off recreational poker player for a few years. I was coached in the 45man SNGs a few years back and offered staking but due to life circumstances at the time it wasnt to be. Recently, in late Oct / early November last year (2012) I came back to poker and started playing the 45s recreationally again.

      After joining a MTT/SNG skype study group that was quite inactive, a few of us started a smaller study group where we are active daily. One of the players there convinced me that I should be playing 180 turbos as well as and I have been playing them quite well, whilst hovering around the same Bankroll I have always really had.

      I used profit from playing to purchase HEM and SNG Wiz as well as some coaching hours off of Goatman2121. I have only used half of these hours and am going to be using the rest in the next few weeks.

      [b]Background - Life[/b]

      I am a 23 year-old Australian student that has been studying Accounting and Business Law for the past couple of years. With only 2 courses left for me to complete my degree I am changing universities and undertaking an additional degree in Mathematics.

      I am unsure of the life path that I want to take, however know that I want to employ my business and mathematic skills to gain a good job, eventually starting my own business much further down the road.

      After living 200km away from my parents I moved back recently to start saving money to further my travel. After spending Christmas and New Years in Bali recently I am going to Thailand with a good mate in February and we plan on moving to Mexico at the end of the year this year.

      [b]2013 - Games[/b]

      My main game/s: $1.50/$3.50 Turbo 45s, $2.50 180s, up to $5 mtts.

      I will mainly be playing the turbo 45s and mixing some180s in. I will also play lower MTTs, mainly the bigs on stars or some FTP lower field so that variance isnt that huge as i have a low BR.

      Currently I am only playing 5-6 tables as I am making sure my play is very solid before moving to 10+ in the following next few weeks.

      CURRENT BR: $228.10

      [b]2013 - Goals[/b]

      - Start a poker/life blog and update frequently

      - Start accounts on FTP and other less known sites for smaller field mtts/turbos.

      - Achieve and maintain at least SilverStar status on Pokerstars, taking full advantage of the VIP benefits that come along with this. (freerolls, etc)

      - Move up stakes in 180s, 45s and MTTs

      - Volume goal. Perhaps ~200 games a week including all 45s, 180s + MTTs

      - Keep track of session plans with hrs, BR changes, placings, ITM %, Mental game aspects

      - Complete a warmup before every session which includes 5min meditation, review of notes, perhaps a SNG shove range quiz

      - Review all MTTs played and ~50% of 180s

      - Post 8-10 hands a week and include into notes for pre-warmup of sessions

      - Review at least 2 sessions a week with MTT/SNG Skype study group.

      - Watch at least 3hrs of Coaching vids each week and implement notes into pre-warmup/review sessions.

      - Eat healthier, workout more and increase my knowledge of martial art areas.

      - Meditate, use affirmations and hypnosis everyday.

      [b]Next few weeks - Goals[/b]

      It is 19/01/2013 and I have finished reading 'The Mental Game' and implemented an adequate mental game review/worksheet into every session of poker that I play.

      It is 30/01/2013 and I have purchased TableNinja with profits from grinding.

      [b]Its 2013 and time to start taking my poker seriously.[/b]

      Thankyou for taking the time to read this and I hope to get some comments/feedback throughout my journey.

      Love, light and peace.
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