[NL2-NL10] JJ bb v btn 10NL

    • iamheuru
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      btn is 18/10 over 50 hands

      This is on 888 and I cant seem to get the converter on here or a number of other sites to convert it. Sorry for the rough lay out.

      Pre flop fold to the btn ,

      NL $0.05/$0.10 (Pot $0.15)
      BTN Raises to $.03
      SB folds
      Hero 3bets to $1 with J :diamond: J :club:
      Btn Calls

      (Pot = $2.05)

      FLOP K :diamond: Q :diamond: 9 :diamond:

      Hero Checks
      Btn Checks

      (Pot = $2.05)

      Turn is 4 :diamond:
      Board is K :diamond: Q :diamond: 9 :diamond: 4 :diamond:

      Hero Checks
      Btn bets $1.10
      Hero calls $1.10

      (Pot = $4.25)

      river is 6 :club:
      Board is K :diamond: Q :diamond: 9 :diamond: 4 :diamond: 6 :club:

      Hero checks
      Btn bets $4.25

      (Pot = $8.50)

      Hero calls

      Should I have bet the flop with the pair and FD and Str8 draw and try to fold him off a better pair by the river, Also If I bet flop and I face a raise or a shove what should I be doing. I had 105 bb at the start of the hand and the btn had more.

      I called on the river because I taught I was good often enout and his pot sized bet looked a bit odd because I think my range after calling the turn looks like a bluff catcher and taught he would bet less with the A :diamond: to get a call.
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    • BogdanPS
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      Preflop: Since BTN doesn't seem to be over loose or fishy the 3-bet is a bit light.

      How do you react to a 4-bet? How do we play postflop when we see a high card (which is often)?

      Postflop: Nitty guys (even though the sample is small) usually bet big for value only. So I would be inclined to ck/fold without other reads.

      I do agree with you that a cbet there is better to try to scoop up the pot. I wouldn't cbet and then try to bluff him off a better hand because nits don't like folding a whole lot.
    • iamheuru
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      pre flop facing a 4 bet I would fold. OOP v's him I feel that even if the flop comes low that he will only ever put money in when he has a better pair than mine, On high card boards I think I am kinda forced to c/f.

      Thanks for your reply.
    • iamheuru
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      If I cbet the flop v's the nitty btn and he raise or shoves, Is this a spot where I just get it in on the flop.

      I was thinking the hands he would raise on flop were
      I have ~47% v's this I cbet $1.5 the pot would be $3.55 facing a shove from him I have around $8 left in my stack so it would be $8+$3.55+$8 = $19.55

      $8/$19.55 = 40.9% and I have 47% against that range so I should call it off here right?
      Am i doing that right, and also is it very bad to fold in these spots to avoid variance.