Hey :D

    • stavaiulian
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      hello ppl :D

      3 years account on pkrstrategy and just know i taught to say hello.

      My name is Julian, i am romanian and i want to play a live tournament ( a big one i mean ), of course after i build my bankroll online.

      so how's pokerstrategy working out for you guys ??

      i am trying to get something out of TAF (47$ haha )

      Best regards,

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      Hey Julian!

      Erm welcome to the forum :D

      What have you been doing these past 3 years?! Tell us all! What games have you played in the past then? Any success to brag about?

      Kind regards,
    • stavaiulian
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      I played on every poker platform in the past years

      Best week in poker was like 700$ withdraws with not more than 15$ deposit.
      I took 1st place in a 4000 ppl tournament on bwin with 1.10$ buy in ( 400$ )
      The next day, buy in 0.11c, if you remember thoose 1k tournaments, i took 2nd place 150$..

      I don't like playing cash games, maybe only on partypoker, wich btw suks, bigtime ...

      btw... now i have 49$ here :) ) i am just saying