Pick a table ?

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    • TimothyVdp1
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      high players per flop and high average pot
      tableratings.com can help u to locate bad players also (don't know how it works)
      also hands per hour can give an indication of how experienced players are imo, the lower the less experienced players
    • generals007
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      On the microlimits you want ppl to call alot and give you lots of cash with your good hands so you want a high average pot and as close to 10 players as possible to not having to adapt for a less-than-10ring table.

      I like playing on the tables with the least shorstack i can find because i want them to give me good implied odds on my draws.

      I play the tables with increased hands per hour just to have a higher winning rate ... they seem to be looser usually too.

      all imo, course