Some titan hand histories are parsed incorrectly. I think this is because of players sitting out.

<game gamecode="1073608752">
<startdate>2008-07-16 00:16:38</startdate>
<player seat="2" name="rhens" chips="$23.25" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$5" />
<player seat="3" name="remps" chips="$50.38" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
<player seat="4" name="sitkaj" chips="$46.30" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
<player seat="5" name="ST26rus" chips="$49.80" dealer="1" win="$0" bet="$0" />
<player seat="6" name="bilisheng127" chips="$42.05" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0.50" />
<player seat="7" name="iqwire" chips="$149" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
<player seat="8" name="mikegreeny" chips="$45" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
<player seat="9" name="Donkeydu" chips="$13.50" dealer="0" win="$12" bet="$7" />
<round no="0">
<action no="1" player="bilisheng127" type="1" sum="$0.50" />
<action no="4" player="Donkeydu" type="2" sum="$1" />
<round no="1">
<cards type="Pocket" player="rhens">SA CJ</cards>
<action no="5" player="rhens" type="23" sum="$2" />
<cards type="Pocket" player="remps">X X</cards>
<action no="6" player="remps" type="0" sum="$0" />
<cards type="Pocket" player="sitkaj">X X</cards>
<action no="7" player="sitkaj" type="0" sum="$0" />
<cards type="Pocket" player="ST26rus">X X</cards>
<action no="8" player="ST26rus" type="0" sum="$0" />
<cards type="Pocket" player="bilisheng127">X X</cards>
<action no="9" player="bilisheng127" type="0" sum="$0" />
<action no="2" player="iqwire" type="9" sum="$0" />
<action no="3" player="mikegreeny" type="9" sum="$0" />
<cards type="Pocket" player="Donkeydu">X X</cards>
<action no="10" player="Donkeydu" type="3" sum="$1" />
<round no="2">
<cards type="Flop" player="">D6 CK S10</cards>
<action no="12" player="rhens" type="5" sum="$1" />
<action no="11" player="Donkeydu" type="4" sum="$0" />
<action no="13" player="Donkeydu" type="3" sum="$1" />
<round no="3">
<cards type="Turn" player="">D8</cards>
<action no="15" player="rhens" type="5" sum="$2" />
<action no="17" player="rhens" type="0" sum="$0" />
<action no="14" player="Donkeydu" type="4" sum="$0" />
<action no="16" player="Donkeydu" type="23" sum="$4" />

1/2 Fixed-Limit Hold'em (6 handed)
Hand recorder used for this poker hand: PokerStrategy Elephant 0.57 by

Preflop: Hero is MP2 with A:spade: , J:club:
Hero raises, 4 folds, MP1 calls.

-> MP2 acting before MP1 can't be right... MP1 is actually BB

Flop: (3,50 SB) 6:diamond: , K:club: , T:spade: (2 players)
MP1 checks, Hero bets, MP1 calls.

Turn: (2,75 BB) 8:diamond: (2 players)
MP1 checks, Hero bets, MP1 raises, Hero folds.

<game gamecode="1073600635">
<startdate>2008-07-16 00:11:00</startdate>
<player seat="2" name="rhens" chips="$31.75" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$8" />
<player seat="3" name="remps" chips="$53.08" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
<player seat="4" name="sitkaj" chips="$37.80" dealer="0" win="$17.60" bet="$8" />
<player seat="5" name="ST26rus" chips="$51.30" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
<player seat="6" name="bilisheng127" chips="$43.05" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
<player seat="7" name="iqwire" chips="$150" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$1" />
<player seat="8" name="mikegreeny" chips="$40.10" dealer="1" win="$0" bet="$1" />
<player seat="9" name="Donkeydu" chips="$14" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0.50" />
<player seat="10" name="grab68" chips="$17.50" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
<round no="0">
<action no="3" player="rhens" type="2" sum="$1" />
<action no="4" player="iqwire" type="2" sum="$1" />
<action no="1" player="Donkeydu" type="1" sum="$0.50" />
<round no="1">
<cards type="Pocket" player="rhens">H7 CK</cards>
<action no="12" player="rhens" type="4" sum="$0" />
<cards type="Pocket" player="remps">X X</cards>
<action no="5" player="remps" type="0" sum="$0" />
<cards type="Pocket" player="sitkaj">CA DJ</cards>
<action no="6" player="sitkaj" type="3" sum="$1" />
<cards type="Pocket" player="ST26rus">X X</cards>
<action no="7" player="ST26rus" type="0" sum="$0" />
<cards type="Pocket" player="bilisheng127">X X</cards>
<action no="8" player="bilisheng127" type="0" sum="$0" />
<cards type="Pocket" player="iqwire">X X</cards>
<action no="9" player="iqwire" type="4" sum="$0" />
<cards type="Pocket" player="mikegreeny">X X</cards>
<action no="10" player="mikegreeny" type="3" sum="$1" />
<cards type="Pocket" player="Donkeydu">X X</cards>
<action no="11" player="Donkeydu" type="0" sum="$0" />
<action no="2" player="grab68" type="9" sum="$0" />
<round no="2">
<cards type="Flop" player="">HK HQ C10</cards>
<action no="13" player="rhens" type="5" sum="$1" />
<action no="14" player="sitkaj" type="3" sum="$1" />
<action no="15" player="iqwire" type="0" sum="$0" />
<action no="16" player="mikegreeny" type="0" sum="$0" />
<round no="3">
<cards type="Turn" player="">H4</cards>
<action no="17" player="rhens" type="5" sum="$2" />
<action no="19" player="rhens" type="3" sum="$2" />
<action no="18" player="sitkaj" type="23" sum="$4" />
<round no="4">
<cards type="River" player="">C9</cards>
<action no="20" player="rhens" type="4" sum="$0" />
<action no="22" player="rhens" type="3" sum="$2" />
<action no="21" player="sitkaj" type="5" sum="$2" />

1/2 Fixed-Limit Hold'em (8 handed)
Hand recorder used for this poker hand: PokerStrategy Elephant 0.57 by

Preflop: Hero is UTG+1 with K:club: , 7:heart:
UTG+2 folds, MP1 calls, 2 folds, CO checks, BU calls, SB folds, Hero checks.

-> Hero is BB, not UTG+1; also BB posted by CO is not shown

Flop: (2,50 SB) K:heart: , Q:heart: , T:club: (4 players)
Hero bets, MP1 calls, 2 folds.

Turn: (2,25 BB) 4:heart: (2 players)
Hero bets, MP1 raises, Hero calls.

River: (6,25 BB) 9:club: (2 players)
Hero checks, MP1 bets, Hero calls.