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Cornholio Ods & Outs

    • Rantrave
      Joined: 18.04.2009 Posts: 8,954

      I have question to this movie, could somebody explain me how this math is done, with some simpler words or step by step?

      In 35-40 min, after calculating IO, RIO, ods, combinations, the outcame is we need more outs for proper call then at the ods which are given to us.

      Then Cornholio is claculating chance to win UI, and he decreased his outs from 7 to 3,5. And at this point i don't get how to calculate that. I get what he takes in the mind to do this math, the pocket tens and that they may give up, but i dont get how 6% of his range allows us to have 50% less outs.

      Btw, also at the TAO calculation, after calculating average RIO, the outcome is -0,19 BB and he ads that to 1.19:6:75, if the outcome was + 0,19 BB where add that?

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    • Cornholio
      Joined: 05.02.2006 Posts: 25,674
      Hi Rantrave,

      sry I just saw your Post now.

      6.4% of the time we win the hole pott without doing anything.
      This leads to an value of 6.4% of the Potsize. This is 0,5BB.

      This Value of 0,5 BB we have through calling by the UI-Win-Chance, means that we so to say in fact only have real cost of 0,5BB for the call instead of 1BB.

      And this therefore means that the odds we get / the outs we need go down by 50%.

      I hope this clarifies things. It shows how much easier a call is, if there is any UI-Win Chance and it explains to some amount how very good players can make seemingly very loose calls very often.