Free Game theory lecture

    • Bobbs
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      if you are interested in poker in general and SnG play in particular this lecture might be interesting for you.

      The online learning platform is offering a lecture on game theory starting at 7.1.2013.
      The lecture will be six weeks long with a usual work load of 5-7 hours per week.

      It is held by Matthew O. Jackson, a professor of Economics at Stanford University. It is completely free and you can get a statement of accomplishment if you pass the course. - Game Theory

      If you are curious how Nash equilibria can be found and what game theoretic optimal play is all about, this lecture will be amazing.

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    • meepwn
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      Yup, already enrolled. I don't think the course will involve any poker stuff, but it would be interesting nevertheless.
    • sorcier1111
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      No, i think you will learn about cooperative and non cooperative games, bargaining problem, nash equilibrium, core and nucleolus in a cooperative games, bayesian games, hoteling's model,...

      It's very very interesting but it's will not involve any poker stuff. Just economic's games ^^

      Ps : i'm studying economics ^^