been to this site?

    • samgamgee
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      has anyone signed up to a site called" xxxxxx"and been able to contact them afterwards concerning anything ,i am thinking maybe this is a scam to get peoples ID information because the live chat is never online and i cant even find a button for to log on to the site but when i joined the site i downloaded and registered for TonyG poker as this was one of there no deposit offers when signing up .Becoming more concerned and feeling i have been scamed
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    • DrFunk
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      There is no such thing as free lunch.

      I guess you must be pretty stupid to follow this links and don't recognize a scam.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello samgamgee I have edited your post to remove the link/name references - since it is full of affiliate offers.

      There are many "shady" sites out there so you should always be careful with where you sign up and who you give your ID information too. If you use strategy, follow bankroll management and build discipline - the $50 you receive here should be more than enough to build a bankroll from :)

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