loosening up before the flop?

    • Escade1337
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      A few weeks ago i read an article created by Eric Lindgren and he claimed that playing looser in the first quarter of the tournament should pay off.I mean calling BBx3 with small suited connectors etc.What do you think about it?
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    • TribunCaesar
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      Hi Escade1337,

      I will move your thread in the right forum, where you might get more answers. In my opinion it makes sense to play loose preflop in the first blind levels as long as your stack is big enough. Try to hit big and get paid off. But don't play loose postflop.

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    • generals007
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      I agree. If your odds are very good and you sit in late position to not be reraised putting your chipstack in danger ... go for it with low pockets. If you hit you'll be paid off in the low limits. And be able to play tighter and more passive longer than your opponents, which then have to take bad chances with bad cards against you when the blinds become too large for them.