Mansion = crap

    • ukaliks
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      How poor of a poker software is Mansion poker?! I'd say 90% of it is.

      The lobby is crap with not much news.
      There's no filter for types of games.
      The traffic on it is crap with not many people playin in 2tables or more with the buy-in greater of $1 n it's all turbo crap or MAD-TILT which is crap poker.
      The table size's r 10 so it makes games more tighter.
      There's no buddy list or where u can look up people like pokerstars.
      The only decent thing is when u make a note on someone u can change the colour....which isnt realy nowt impressive.

      I just think mansion poker is realy poor n wish i never chose it as my SC.
      Looks like im gonna have to grind my bonus out n change sites. Woopie....
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    • EldzaO
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      Haven't played Mansion, but I started on PartyPoker, which I didn't like at all. Unfortunatley didn't try it before asking for my starting $50 bonus... Left the bonus there and switched to PokerStars. I personally think it is far better. Soft if great... I like it. But, of course, this is personal choice! Good luck!
    • colinsaces
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      try titan poker they can track your points there, and its quite a good site
    • ukaliks
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      Can i move my $50 (which is now $70) over to a different site? I thought once u've chosen that's it! I prefer pokerstars but i allready had an account on there so i thought id try the english site n BAM its horrible. I would love to change to full tilt or party poker. Can any1 help me please.
    • arjun2001
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      there is a gizzilion site reviews out thr, why dint u read some of them? They all say mansion is BS>
    • masfe
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      Pokerstrategy gave me 50$ on mansion, up to 7xx$

      Worst time i had on mansion was when i was 9-tabling but 1 SNG didn't started, tried to open lobby and nothing, so i shutdown mansion and opened again and the software freezes like 3 times.

      They miss a lot of bonus payments too but they usually pay on the next friday.

      Not bad at all, i like the double or nothing SNG's there
    • finchybg
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      I've constantly advocated the Mansion platform and I am going to continue to do it. I've played like 60k hands there, and 250 SNG - and I really couldn't find anything significant to complain against. Yes, Pokerstars is better - but the competition there is harder - on Ongame Network(mansion) I am constantly seeing many many gamblers and fishes and I have a remarkable progress there.
      After all, half of the sites from the Ongame network are mainly sportsbooks.

      The traffic is just fine.
      Table size is 10 everywhere except full tilt and pokerstars.. I see nothing wrong with it.
      I have no problems with the software(I play on another site of the same network, so that maybe the explanation.. but the software is the same)

      So despite it has some drawbacks, I like it - maybe the reason is that I've made much money there and they have nice bonuses - that definitely makes up for some software issues and minor problems :)
    • Alexd10
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      I know how you feel.
      The software is bs tbh and there aren't enough tables, thats why I moved to Titan, much better.

      I had mansion ring me up today saying, if you manke another deposit you can enter our $3000 freeroll, so I just told them to piss off. could they not have just sent me an email instead of ringing me at work?