• ukaliks
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      Made it up to $100 on Mansion poker but blasted it all. I got realy annoyed b-in beaten by sum loose person in a S&G who raised to 3xBB with K6 suited n i had Q10 suited of clubs.
      He hits hit set on the flop n i hit my flush on the turn. He got lucky on the river n made a full house.

      It's all gone now bcos i got angry n played cash games n another loose person got lucky n beat my full-house jacks with quad 4's. I hate Mansion poker. Wish i never joined up to it....

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    • arjun2001
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      You called a pfr with QTs? why? If early in the sng, fold. If late in the sng, either raise or fold. Depending on the ICM. There is no need to ever call with QTs imo.

      He never hit a set on the flop, he hit trips! He got lucky on the river? He had your hand covered until the turn, so he wasn't really lucky imo.

      You hate mansion because you got beat? I dont understand, do you think its rigged? LMAO.

      You seem to get angry alot! why dont you calm down, and just learn how to play properly. Implement BRM, and dont try to be a superstar.

      If you are actually leaving, then goodbye!

    • tehChipDonk
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      poker is rigged!

      btw, mansion is nice though, it has the nicest graphic lookin software in the biz...
    • colinsaces
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      doesnt SH chart say you should fold QTs if raised? im sure it does