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Hello from Germany

    • TobZero
      Joined: 03.01.2013 Posts: 68
      Hello guys,

      im a 27y/guy from Munich in Germany who is quite new to poker.
      I knew about the game before but what got me interested was a (hospital)roommate about 4 weeks ago. I had so much fun playing that i started to play the free Zynga Poker on my mobilephone.
      After a short time i was motivated to check out "real poker" as everyone told me i had talent.
      This lead me to and my interest grew exponentially.
      After browsing through the basic Articels i was so fascinated of the deep world behind this game that i decided to give it a more indeeph look.

      I have some proGaming background (top1-5% SC2 over the first 3 seasons) and could profit extremly from my knowledge about mindsets/efficent learning/psychology. Sadly i was never good enough to earn enough money in my gaming history so i always had to do my normal 9-5 job as an SysAdmin. Highest achievemnts were some 10€ tourney wins :( .

      This may now sound far fetched but just a few days ago when i dove into the Strategy Articles i knew for the first time in about 10years what i REALLY wanted to do and achieve:
      I want to earn my daily money with poker, and just work my simple SysAdmin job as long as it takes for me to get there!

      All the time i didnt know what to do with my few talents. I have three years of illness and depression behind me with an extended hospital stay (got some more psychological shit that keeps me from a "normal" life like ADHD).
      My whole life long did i have family and friends telling me that i dont put my potential to use, even my full clinical psychological profile is telling me that my IQ is well over average and i have an exeptional quick wit but made nothing from it!

      After reading the Article "Are you fit for professional Poker?" it hit me like a truck.
      THIS is what i want to achieve. I will work for this. Hard.
      Of course im fully aware that im still a very bad player and have tons to learn but im full on course!

      I started four days ago on with 10€ and tried to put everything i learned the last days into use.
      Im playing NL2 with the BSS and my last days Sessions look like this:

      Now this should be enough for an intoduction :)
      Time for me to head over to the Beginners Course to get started and post a few hand evaluations so i can start to plug all those huge leaks i have!

      See you at the tables!
  • 3 replies
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,283
      Greeting TobZero!

      Quite a nice introduction there! I must say you have excellent English! Are you a German native?

      Good to see you are very enthusiastic and not just about playing but also learning which is obviously just as important.

      Your gaming background will definitely be and added bonus for you and I hope you achieve all your goals. Hope to see you as a permanent fixture here in our forum!

      If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

      Best regards,
    • zumpar
      Joined: 05.02.2012 Posts: 1,185
      thats one solid mindset :)

      gl crushing the tables man, looks like ur on the right track! ;)
    • TobZero
      Joined: 03.01.2013 Posts: 68
      Hey you two,

      thank you for the compliment on my English, i am indeed a native German.
      I had the great opportunity to travel to the US a lot when i was a teen. I could profit from 3-4 vacations/year with my family and liked the language so much that at one point i started to exclusively read english books.
      This went on as far as me playing all videogames in english and in the end playing in international teams where fluid english was a requirement :)

      I would be more than happy to make this my new "home" forum! (but part of my heart will always belong to teamliquid =) )


      and about that crushing - lets be realistic: my first and foremost goal is not to get crushed and learn as much from my mistakes!
      once im at a good level of knowledge i'll totaly take the crushing of others into consideration :s_biggrin: