Bovada 10nl 6 max - Raised on the river

    • ProfitsofDoom
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      This is from one of my last sessions on Bovada. I'm able to import the hands into HM2 now, but at the time I didn't have any stats on the guy, so my only read at the moment was that he was pretty fishy. Anyway, vs a fishy player, is this an obvious fold?

      Playing on Bovada, i know they will call with a lot of ridiculous hands. But when he raises me on the river, i wasn't sure what to do.

      Hand Converted by Ace Poker Drills Poker Training Software

      NL Holdem $0.1(BB)
      BB ($13.52)
      HERO ($18.92)
      HJ ($7.2)
      CO ($1.61)
      BTN ($9.8)

      Dealt to Hero A:heart: A:club:

      HERO Raises To $0.3 , HJ Folds , CO Folds , BTN Calls $0.3 , BB Folds

      Flop ($0.6) 6:club: K:diamond: 3:spade:
      HERO Bets $0.45 , BTN Calls $0.45

      Turn ($1.5) 6:club: K:diamond: 3:spade: A:diamond:
      HERO Bets $0.9 , BTN Calls $0.9

      River ($3.3) 6:club: K:diamond: 3:spade: A:diamond: 2:heart:
      HERO Bets $2.9 , BTN Raises To $7 , [color=red]HERO
      Raises To $11.1 [/color], BTN Calls $1.15 BTN shows 4:diamond: 5:heart: BTN wins $18.72
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    • jon011
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      The river raise screams for 45 and we never want to put more money knowing our opponent just made a hand.
      But I couldn't fold, because this seems like so unreal hand for anyone's range.
    • Phgrinder
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      without reads on his showdown hands, its a call for me. were only behind 45 and we beat everything else vs the fishe's range. and their range can be anything between TP to worse sets / busted draws.

      we bet two pair and lower sets. not an easy call but a call. no need to dissect really how the fish will play because they rarely makes sense
    • patszerdonk
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      1. Estimate what kind of hands Villain will raise on the river. ( KK, AA, 45, or maybe AK, 33, 66, 22 also? )

      2. Add % villan will bluff (too low IMO in this board)

      3. Is it +EV to call?
    • maythany
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      According to pokerstove, you're tremendously ahead of his range even on the river. I don't think I'd be able to fold trip aces here in this situation so I would have called myself too.

      Depending on how aggressive our opponent is, we can discard KK and AA because he'll most likely have 3-bet you with these hands and it's unlikely he has AA because you got the other two. He either has a bottom/middle set, 2 pair, or a straight.

      You can beat 2 of these hands and you're getting pretty good pot odds for a call so yes I would call here.
    • ProfitsofDoom
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      Thanks for the responses guys, i appreciate it.