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      Hi guys,

      Welcome to my blog.
      I think I've made a blog on the English community before, but it wasn't very active. I'll try to update this one on a bit more regular base.

      A short introduction:

      I'm Bart, a 20yo guy from Holland who moved to Malta to play poker full time. I've played many Sit 'n go's and tournaments from 6max to huge MTTs and from $50c to $215+. Currently I play MTTs, focussing mainly on PokerStars with their "Bigs" and all turbo MTTs that run. I try to increase my volume by adding 180man SNGs.

      I've only started grinding the 180s for a month now (after 2years of not playing them) so I can't say too much on how these games go. I'm not sure if I will continue playing these games, this all depends on the results in the upcoming months.

      My goals:

      I've set up a few goals for the year, and while I don't wanna make any profit-goals, I think these are still pretty decent and motivating.

      My goals for the year are:

      - 400,000 VPP (which is about $73,000 rake)
      - Reaching the Top10 of the Yearly Tournament Leaderboard and maintaining this position by the end of the year.

      I also have my own blogsite where I will post some more general stuff, but I like the option to interact quickly with the readers on a forum.

      My own blog is here.


      I also provide coaching for 45/180man SNGs and all MTTs. I've made 4 videos for PokerStrategy in English, and about 40 in Dutch. I've also coached many times and consider myself having a pretty decent understanding of doing this.

      I currently ask $50/hour for coaching and $225 for 5 hours.
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