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      Hello everybody :)

      My name is Luuk,I live in the netherlands and I've been playing poker for a few years. I was a casual player who liked to read a few articles every now and then. I wanted to get better, but didnt really have the discipline to review my own sessions and play with my brain instead of emotions. I study Applied physics too, so after a day of lectures im pretty tired,but I cant help myself from playing a few hands (often with negative results). I was a break even player at nl10 for a long time on PokerStars, but when i got some free cash on Everest i had aN amazing run, turning 50$ into 1200 in two months. I was playing maniac/lag (pretty horribly) on 25nl but i had such a run on cards that every hand paid off. So now i have a decent bankroll For a micro player, but i still think im a bad player. My goal: Beat nl50, and THINK before I make an action. To make it easier for myself i Will set some rules
      -dont play when im tired ie niet feeling well/unfocussed
      -after every session postthe most interesting on te forums
      -take a break after every 90 min of play
      -as Soon as i feel myself tilting, stop for the day
      Unfortunately i dont have Much time in my hands but i try to play at least 2 hours every week, and one hour If reviewing/learning.
      If you have some tips, feel free to post them :)
      (Also, im thinking of doing some sweat sessions when i have the time to do so)

      Im very excited whether or not i Will accomplish my goals :)

      Luuk (pewpewpoker)
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