High overpair out of position, Ace on the turn

    • Balanarm
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      Talkign about NL25 and maybe NL50 tables here. What is the best way to play KK, QQ, JJ, out of position on not drawy board when the ace hits the turn? Let's say you have no reads on the opponent(with good reads it's always easy decision) and he's around 28/11/3.5. You raise the flop, he calls. The flop comes, let's say, 2 :club: 6 :heart: T :diamond: , you bet 5/7 of the pot, he calls, then A :spade: comes. How to play now? I want to hear a professional opinion on this really. My options is check-2.5betting 70% of the time and bet folding 30%, is it right? Thank you in advance.
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