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      I really like new "Platform Statistics" :)

      Inspired by that, we should make something similar about rake paid on all Platforms in form like this:

      Titan Poker

      1/2SH - 4.15 BB/100 hands ($13155 rake / 30367 hands / 5.22 avg. players)
      2/4SH - 4.06 BB/100 hands ($143985 rake / 169598 hands / 5.23 avg players)
      these are examples from my database

      And the same for all limits (NL, FL, Omaha and fees on SNG) and all sites. Or maybe just your personal rake but I don't think it really matters after all..

      Maybe it's similar everywhere, but after looking here I'm not sure anymore.. It was said that on PS you pay 1.82BB rake (2/4 FL SH) but I'm paying 3.375 on Titan :(

      So, what's your opinion??
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