Finally entering the forum. :)

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      Hello, my name is Victor, i'm 20 and live on Brazil. Started playing poker with my friends since i was 16 and, when i finally had age :) , i tried the online poker.

      I am registered on PS since 2011, if i am not wrong. I looked for the free offer and started on party poker, which now you cant start anymore and giving some ps points problem. ):
      Well, i was kinda busy with study, so i did not lose the money, was around the $50 i got, but could not get all the points, got only ~60 points. :f_frown:

      Now i restarted with $50 (from my wallet this time haha) and everything is going well. I am with $88 in about 3300 hands. The only problem is that my free trial on HEM2 will end in 12 days. :(

      Anyway, hello to all. :D
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