HTHUSNGs --Weak aces in early stages

    • bigfl0p
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      Hi guys, got a quick question about HTHUSNGs.

      Ive played about 2.5k games at 3.5s stakes now with like 1.4% roi. I think i have a good overall strategy but obv some leaks so im trying to plug them.

      One problem ive been having is with weak aces A2-A9 in early stages of a HT sng. so 20-25BBs, when facing a minraise oop.

      Obviously it depends greatly on villain, but as its early stages assume the villain is unknown.

      I dont like flatting because its so hard to connect with a flop, and when you do its hard to get value from villain, also Ax has too much equity pre to just flat surely.

      I find myself shoving a lot to avoid playing 3bet pots OOP with weak aces, but im not sure whether this shove is too loose against a random opponent

      Any advice appreciated guys
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    • Krist2ps
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      first hand vs unknown minraise i'm shoving A8+, you will be surprised how many times you will get call from much weaker hands :) Any other ace I just flat and take things from there.

      And never (well almost never) 3bet NAI aces in first hand or 20-25bb deep, you will miss so often that it isn't very profitable, I even shove AKs against first hand minraise OOP.