bet365 & paddypowerpoker Close Exclusive/Premium Tables

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      Top-tier iPoker sites bet365 and paddypowerpoker have closed their exclusive tables.

      This means all games are on the iPoker network's top tier player pool, which features:

      • Greater liquidity in a larger player pool
      • Sharing liquidity with the network's biggest brands
      • Softer competition, including customers from large sports betting networks and casino games

      Both bet365 and paddypowerpoker kept exclusive sets of segregated cash game tables following their inclusion in the iPoker network's top tier. These tables were not part of the overall top tier iPoker player pool.

      A short FAQ has been provided below, but if you have any questions or comments about this development then please don't hesitate to discuss them here.


      A set of questions and answers has been provided to players by bet365:

      Why can I not see the Premium Tables anymore?
      As part of continued optimisation of the poker offering all cash tables can now be found in one area. Although no longer labelled Premium Tables, you can still play all of your favourite stake levels and game types.

      Does this mean I won't be playing against bet365 players anymore?
      The higher tier on the iPoker network is a fun and friendly environment to play poker for all players.

      Does this mean certain promotions will no longer run?
      We still continue to run promotions such as the cash ladder; we will inform you through the website and send you an email if your account is set to accept email marketing and your correct details are registered.

      Will the Premium Tables ever return?
      We are continually aiming to improve our poker product and any future plans to change our offerings will be transmitted to our customers as soon they are confirmed.
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