[NL2-NL10] NL10, all-in against 2 opponents

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      Yesterday, I played NL10 cash-game. I had full buy-in and called from button with K8s :heart: as did 5 players. Pot was 0,60$

      Flop came good for me, K :spade: 8 :spade: 4 :club: . Everybody checks and I decided to bet almost pot because I expected that someone has flush draw. Two players call my bet 0,5$.

      Turn came quit good (I thought that) 9 :heart: . I was in pot with one very weak player and expeced that he could have K too or lower pair, but not two pair and one solid player that could have K and good kicker (as he played before - two high cards) or flush draw. I thought that I was in lead and therefore I bet 1,8$ (pot was 2,1$ and both checks before). Weak player went all-in 4$ and second player call..Because I thought that I was in lead, I wanted to get out from hand second player that he couldn't make his flush or catch his second card, which I thought was something like T,J or Q and went all-in. He called and shown his K9 :diamond: and I lost all. That weak had only K3o

      Should I have played another way? I was sure that he hasn't triple and thought that had K with high kicker because he played for hour only high cards.
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