[NL2-NL10] [6NL River shove]

    • iamheuru
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      Villain is 20/12 and 3 bets 8.3% after 60 hands
      Table is breaking up and its 4 handed at this stage, Btn has 100bb stack and I have more.

      Hero open in CO A :heart: Q :diamond: to $0.18

      Btn 3 Bets to $0.63 - blinds fold

      Hero Calls

      Pot = $1.35

      Flop - Q :heart: 2 :heart: 5 :heart:

      Btn bets $0.95 [pot = $2.3]

      Hero Calls [pot = $3.25]

      Turn - Q :heart: 2 :heart: 5 :heart: 8 :spade:

      Hero checks
      Btn Checks
      pot = $3.25

      River - Q :heart: 2 :heart: 5 :heart: 8 :spade: 7 :spade:

      Hero bets $1.40 Pot = $4.65
      Btn shoves for $4.42 Pot is $9.07

      Hero calls $3.02

      I was wondering about my flop c/c and was wondering if I should be c/r here?

      Also the river call, I could only really see 77 in his value range and kinda taught that that bets the turn for a free SD some of the time, and I was getting 3:1. And villain in another hand had called flop and raised turn A on a pure bluff, but had just given up on the river. I called because I couldn't put him on that big a range for value and I was getting a good price.
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    • BogdanPS
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      Hi iamheuru,

      Preflop: I prefer not to call AQo OOP here because it will be hard for us to play postflop especially since we won't hit often. 4-bet/fold or just fold outright especially versus a larger 3bet IP.

      Postflop: River bet/call is fine because I agree with you that he doesn't represent a lot (other than a made flush checking back but we have the NFD).

      Plus we already know he is capable of bluffing.

      Regarding the flop: I think that you can go either way but since we've seen villain capable of bluffing I don't mind calling to let him barrel the turn (he may even bluff at a 4th heart or call down light with a hand that may fold to a ck/raise).
    • iamheuru
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      Thanks for your reply, The river bet was another question I had. I bet smallish on the river hoping for value of pairs less the Qx and maybe A hi that put me on 1 :heart: with the flop c/c.

      I haven't being playing NL long and this is a spot that comes up often from what I have seen after ~20k hands. When I am going for value of a weak range HU oop is it too fishy to bet small like this, I almost never seem to get called.