Hey All,

Today I reached 50k hands at NL10 6Max, unfortunately over the last 25k of hands my game has not improved that much. I haven’t spent enough time trying to fix leaks, I just don’t seem to get enough hrs in the day which is disappointing. Hopefully after I finish clearing my current bonus I will have more time for study and review, but hopefully I will be playing NL25 after this weekend instead of NL10.

I have inclued my Stats and Graph for 50k of hands played on Party Poker, Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker across normal 6-Max, Fast Foward/Rush Tables and some hand will be takken from when FR tables drop below 7 players at 5c/10c NLHE.

Game Type Description $0.05/0.10 NL
Game holdem
Hands- 50,011
$- $157.29
bb/100- 3.15
VPIP%- 18.8
PFR%- 17.3
WTSD%- 19.9
W$SD%- 51.7
Agg- 6.78
Agg%- 4.1.6
Rake- $280.77
EV bb/100- 4.30
PFR/VPIP Ratio- 91.4
3Bet%- 5.74
vs 3Bet Call%- 7.72
4Bet Range- 2.04
Sqz%- 4.21
Flop Agg%- 55.7
Turn Agg%- 26.8
River Agg%- 17.3
Flop CBet%- 88.1
Flop CBet% Success- 48.4
Turn CBet%- 39.1
Flop Fold vs Cbet- 62.3
Flop vs Raise Fold%- 66.3
Steal Pct- 39.3
Overall Steal Success- 54.6
Early UO PFR- 12.7
Middle UO PFR- 15.1
Cutoff UO PFR- 29.7
Button UO PFR- 62.0
SB UO PFR- 27.4
Preflop Positional Awareness- 4.89
River Call Efficiency- 1.96
SB Reraise Steal- 10.5
BB Reraise Steal- 12.1
SB Fold to Steal- 85.9
BB Fold to Steal- 78.3

All Sites Graph

All Sites Graph-Normal

All Sites Graph-Fast Foward/Rush

Party Poker Graph-All

Party Poker Graph-Normal

Party Poker Graph-FastFoward

PokerStars graph-All/Normal

Full Tilt Poker graph-All/Rush

Links to previous stat and graph threads.

Got a good response in the last thread, hopefully my lack of improvement wont see people staying away from giveing advice.


  1. Flop CBet too high - it hasent changed but it feels like when I play its changed, but I guess it hasent.
  2. AGG too high - I have bought it down slightly but probs still to high?
  3. MP too tight - improved this.
  4. Playing too tight VPIP/PFR - gotten Tighter actuly something I need to improve
  5. SB Steal is too tight - gotten tighter but I think I am looking for good spots but maybe I shouldent be so scared with my Ax hands.
  6. Flop CBet and Turn CBet gap too big - havent fixed this
  7. Fold to steal too high - havent worked on this

Any feedback would be much appreciated.