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      Hello everyone, my name is Gurami, i am from Georgia. I started playing poker 2 months ago, i played at local casino tournaments a few times, with pitifull results. I played also cash games often with pitiful results. I thought about poker, and was sure there had to be something expect luck in this game. Of course i could differ AA from 27 pre-flop, but it wasnt enough. So i searched and found this site easily. I registered and read basic articles(not fundamentally), i was happy cause i could sense how helpful they could be if i would learn and practice(which i am starting to do). Than i pressed Bronze Articles and found out that i couldn't read them...it was stressful ))...seriously i found out about the actual importance of this site only after that, with whole forum thing and so on so i registered. I will start playing as soon as i get cash for it, mainly to make strategy points and to get to read the articles. I liked the idea of posting hands and reviewing them, so i will actively participate in this too as soon as i will have some time. Hope i can find more and more helpful things from here for one brilliant day to be a participant of WSOP.
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