ICM trainer light

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    • metza
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      This is a really odd question, like going onto the pokertracker forum and asking "how can I find out my opponents VPIP and PFR"?.

      This is exactly what the software is supposed to do.

      Although, you may mean getting it to adjust, I only have ICM Trainer not ICM Trainer light, and on ICM Trainer you can set it to things like
      x level of Big Blinds
      x Stack Size
      x Number of Players

      and of course can set random for the following options.

      Can you not do this on ICM Trainer Light? If not I advise getting ICM Trainer Full, its also free.
    • VorpalF2F
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      Thanks, metza -- that is pretty much spot on.

      Like metza I also do not have the lite version of ICM Trainer, just the regular one.

      Which hands you should push or fold are covered in various articles in the Strategy section. How to play before the flop probably contains the information on the push/fold stage.

      If it doesn't, then some of the others in the same section will.

      Best of luck at the tables!
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      Thanks guys :)