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[Application] Staking request NL20

    • zumpar
      Joined: 05.02.2012 Posts: 1,185
      :diamond: About me :diamond:

      My name is Michal, im 22 years old, living in Slovakia, currently studying my 2nd year of Finance

      :diamond: Poker info :diamond:

      I started 4 months ago, i build my roll from $10 to $620 playing NL2,NL5,NL10 and NL20 SPEED on iPoker - Everest specifically

      I only play cash games, 6max, usually 3-4 tabling speed.
      rarely i open up a table of $1/$2 HU sng, pretty much for fun when im tired of cg. i won like 17/20 i played so far (obv not a big sample, but the players just suck)

      Here are my graphs:


      NL5 SPEED

      NL10 SPEED

      NL20 SPEED

      NL50 SPEED


      if u are interested in some more, i run a blog here, its in my signature, so u can chek it out

      :diamond: Reasons for staking :diamond:

      I recently (today) got my account with $620 seized by Everest.
      reason for this is, when i started playing 4 months ago as a total noob, i was completely new to this whole poker/gambling platforms and websites and was kind of sceptical about putting in my real name and data due to my trust issues towards this enviroment back then, so i just made up a fake name :facepalm: not knowing anything about verifications, etc...

      I completely forgot about this, and a week ago i wanted to withdraw $100, they wanted a verification, wich i found out i cant do, cause ofc, the name on my ID is different.

      I sent them an email apologizing and explaining my situation. They replied in a kind way (thanks for beaing honest with us, bla bla bla, send your valid ID so we can verify it) - which looked pretty promising to me.

      now, 3 days after, they locked my account, seized my money and sent me an email explaining its against their terms&conditions - which is kind of why i started the conversation in the first place :rolleyes: , so i have no idea why they just didnt tell me
      that back then.

      Anyways, im currently having a talk with them, but i dont think ill ever see my money again.

      here is the PS thread about this issue if ur interested:
      One Big problem - now acct closed

      I dont really wanna deposit a few bucks and start all over again grinding NL2, i know i got what it takes to beat NL20 and i just think going back down would be a waste of time.

      :diamond: Staking deal :diamond:

      Im not really familliar with this, since ive never done this before, but what i've seen in previous applications my idea is smthg like this:

      i will need $600 in total, put up by you, i will play 100k hands on NL20 speed, which realistically i can do in 1,5 months

      all profits (including RB, deal me in bonuses, PS bonuses etc..) will be devided 50/50 with weekly payments. After 100k hands, ill ship you back your initial investment. In case of me being in red, ill ship you whats left obv.

      Backers can pull out their money at any time if they feel like it

      min you can reserve for is $50, but i'd be glad if it was at least $100, since its gonna be kind of complicated sending 12 people money weekly.

      I will be using Netteler for this, i created an account a while back, already verified.

      i will be depositing on William Hill, since the rakeback is very good for my limit and volume i put in + i am already familliar with players on iPoker

      i am estimating
      30% RB, 22% from new player bonus and if i can make it till tomorrow, i got an extra $100 from PS which makes up for maybe 8%

      which makes the total rakeback of 55-60%, which is huge compared to 12% from Everest scammers

      I will post daily graphs

      I am confident in my game on NL20, and even more confident now with 60% RB, so i dont think you will be disappointed. :)

      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.
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