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Differences btw SNG Wizard and Holdem Resources

    • Darkyd10
      Joined: 08.04.2010 Posts: 1,329
      So im a sng player and ive been using Holdem Resources to study my game

      It gives the nash ranges, for any situation

      By what i see in videos SNG Wizard works in different way it doesnt quite get you nash ranges, since normally the 2 programs give 2 different ranges for a single situation

      So what exactly does SNG Wizard do? If it doesnt give nash ranges, is it wrong? What exactly are the ranges Wizard gives what does it take into account?
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    • belthazorrrr
      Joined: 12.02.2011 Posts: 1,334
      Sng wizard is a mathematically software that calculates your expected value if you shove or if you fold. Of course sng wizard doesnt give nash ranges even though it has a tool for that

      You need to keep in my mind that nash ranges is an unexploitable way to play sngs. This means that if everyone plays nash you will be breakeven. Actually nash is a breakeven tool

      I think you dont want to be breakeven. Right? Imo you need to work with sng wizard for your push fold but keep in mind to use correct ranges

      My 2 cents

      I hope this helps
    • SNGMentors
      Joined: 13.01.2013 Posts: 16
      You can do a lot more with SNG WIZ if you use it properly like analyzing 3bet spots,

      Also if you are playing a pure push/call game you are going to get crushed since it has become exploitable with good players being so untop of ranges.