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my run of cards in a $2 SnG

    • Semesa
      Joined: 03.06.2008 Posts: 294
      i dont have, nor know how to use, any hand grabbing software so i will try my best to relate it to you wall of text style.

      first hand: 9Ts from mid position. i limp, 1 call ahead of me. flop comes K89 giving me a flushdraw. i bet 2/3 pot, 1 caller
      turn is a 6 giving me a flush
      i check
      he checks
      river is a 7 giving me a straight(no straighflush so flush it is i guess) i raise 500, he calls
      he shows K6(2 pair)

      not much happening, but i get a nice chip up early

      the VERY NEXT HAND:

      villain1(UTG): 1500
      hero(mp2): 1960

      hero(me) dealt Ks Kh

      villain1 raises to 70
      hero raises to 220
      villain 2 calls
      villain 1 raises to 1500 all in
      hero raises to 1960 all in
      villain 2 calls 1280 all in

      villain 1 shows Ah Qh
      villain 2 shows Ad 2d

      flop: 6d 9s 3s
      turn: 4h
      river: Ts

      hero wins 5480

      5 hands later... 7 players left

      hero(button): 6020
      villain(SB): 1250

      hero dealt Kc Kd
      6 folds
      hero raises to 120
      villain calls

      flop ks 3s 2d
      hero checks
      villain goes all in(1130)
      hero calls
      villain shows 3d 2c

      needless to say he doesnt hit full house

      hero dealt Ks Kh
      raises to 160.
      6 folds


      Exactly 7 hands later
      villain(mp2): 2350
      hero(CU): god knows how much(CBF figuring it out at this stage, it was 6k+ in the 2nd blinds level, also note, this was a turbo SnG)

      Hero dealt Kc Kh

      villain raises to 240
      hero raises to 780
      villain calls 540

      flop comes 5d 4s kd
      villain goes all in
      hero calls

      villain shows Ad Jd

      turn: Ks

      river: 6d

      by this stage i realise im obviously going to suck out very soon 5 times in a row on aces... but im feeling quite good.

      5 players left
      EXACTLY 3 hands later
      villain(button): 850

      hero dealt Kd Qh
      2 folds
      villain calls
      sb folds
      hero raises to 400
      villain goes all in for 850
      hero calls <<<<note: at this point i realise i had made a mistake pushing him preflop

      villain shows 88

      flop: Ks Qs 9d

      turn: Kc

      river: who cares?


      4 players left. blinds JUST went up to 50/100

      Hero(button): some ridiculous amount nearing 10k
      villain: 2360

      hero is dealt(you guessed it) Kh Ks

      hero raises to 400
      villain goes all in for 2260
      hero calls
      villain shows 3h 3s

      villain doesnt hit. hero chips up to 11-12k
      3 players left in the tournament


      hero dealt Jh Jc

      hero raises to 400
      villain goes all in for 1650
      hero calls
      villain shows Ah Kh

      villain doesnt hit

      hero rejoices

      so at this point its heads up and the last guy had his 1.5k starting stack and nothing more. i hadnt actually seen him in a hand yet.

      next hand i get dealt KK, he goes all in, i call, he has AK, my kings hold up again

      i was dealt KK about 10 times in the 25 minutes it took me to win that turbo SnG
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