How to fight against this player?

    • SPeedFANat1c
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      I am seeing this player often at my tables and he makes my life bit

      hard, becasue he is loose and its hard to bluff him.

      Also he is agro on all streets.

      He is not folding to 3bets and to cbets.
      He is not folding his cbets to raises as well.

      I have ton of notes on him, so I think we can make some general conclutions:


      call resteal IP w 77, call 3 bareels w 2nd pair
      call open in CO vs MP, raise cbet 1.40 into 1.90 2.5x on Qxxss, bet

      7 turn < 1/2 IP, fold to 3/4 on A river
      call vs fish steal w AT OOP, check Qxx, check 8, donk 1bb 6 when

      flush is posible w A high
      3bets vs 3 bb open OOP w AKs to 2.2$ in nl20, cbet 3/4 9xx w BD FD

      vs fish, check 9, check J
      call in BB vs MP 5 bb open w A3s, checj 756, donk <1/2 9 BLUFF,

      check 7
      2012 12 04
      3bet in SB vs UTG 3.5 bb open to 9.5bb w QQ and stack off
      c/mr 4way J54 mono vs alost pot bet - BLUFF most likely , - folded

      to allin 100 bb.
      open 2.5 bb/4bet in CO vs blind 3bet
      open UTG 3bb w TT, cbet 1/2 Q9x, check 9, call 1/2 balnk river
      call vs UTG in SB, check J42, c/c > 1/2 A, c/f to 1/3 3 river (maybe

      could call A turn w PP lover than JJ)
      mr 4bet vs squeze
      resteal 9x OOP w TT
      open UTG w A3s, call min3bet after one caller, call 1/2 572 w GS vs

      half stack fish who cbets a lot, check J OOP, check 5 w missed GS -

      open in MP, call 9bb 3bet OOP w 56s vs short stack, c/r 3x 765fd w 2

      pair - CALLS 3BET LIGHT OOP
      open in MP w A7s, call 9 bb 3bet OOP, check KJx, bet 9 almost pot w

      nut FD, check 8 w busted draw
      open UTG w QTs 3 bb, CO reg 3bets 3bb, SB fish cold calls, he calls,

      check in 3way A45fd w FD, call 7 turn w flush
      cbet in 3wauo K86fd IP w J9 BDFD vs fish and reg which does not like

      to fold to cbets, cbh 9 vs fish - MISS VALUE, raise J w 2 pair
      steal w Q3o, no cbet QTxfd, call 8 w TP, call T 1/2

      ----------------------------end notes------------------------

      Whan I have value hand - its easy - bet bet bet. He is calling station and goes to showdowns a lot but has low W$sd. So easy money.

      But when I don't have a hand - for example I call vs his steal with medium hand. And when I don't hit - what to do when I cannot make him fold?

      First I think I should set my 3bet range vs him and calling range, lets talk when I am in the blinds and he is BTN.

      I can only 3bet for value. So I think the rage could be AT+, 88+.

      But on the other hand - can I really 3bet him that wide if he is not folding to cbets? what will I do with overcards or medium pair? If I will not bet, he will bet and I will loose the big pot.

      So for that reason 3bet maybe JJ+, AQ+? And call him wide for a hit. If hit top pair - if its weak, then bluff catch 3 streets. Otherwise if kicker is medium, for example I have AT on Axx - maybe c/r the flop? He is not folding cbtets to raises, so he will definitely call my cr with A2 on Axx I think. Mayeb he will even bluff catch with 2nd pair, becasue he will not think that I rep much on Axx - only monsters.
      And especially if there are GS draw at least, then be evne more inclined to riase his cbets for thin value.

      But then if I raise cbets light with top pair, what do I do on the turn? I am not sure if I will get too more streets of value with medium top pair, so I think I could c/c turn and c/c river. Because he might think - I bluffraised the flop, not succesfully and now giving up.
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    • spreeboy
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      What stakes are you playing? Also, have you checked your results against this guy. You're amount won against him in particular. :)
    • SPeedFANat1c
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      I am playing NL20.

      I filtered by player, so I see I won from him 74$. But that might not matter because I might have got lucky getting nuts for example KK 2 times - ech time I won 90 bb.

      The problem is when I get not such nuts hand, and then I struglle. I mean I want to be confident against him, I see he definitley has leaks, for exmaple not being positionally aware and loosing at showdowns a lot. He probably makes from non showdown winnnings vs me since I am folding too much.
    • ThePirateSword
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      you should not bluff him , just check/fold when you don't hit , i will call his PFR in positon alot with big cards, and i will 3bet him: TT+ AT+ KQ again i will not spew if i don't hit anything i check/fold.
    • spreeboy
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      That's easy. Just make sure that you sit directly on your his left. Playing a lot of hands in position against this guy is a harvest. Table-selection is the key against this type of player. If he is searchable, I may even hunt this guy down and sit in position against him on all tables that I can.

      You see, I think you are adjusting correctly against his play since you are winning. You did not mention how many hands you played against him but since you got lots of notes, I assume that sample is decent enough to say that you're not just getting lucky against him.

      I think the problem here is that, subconsciously, you are feeling inferior against this player since he is acting like he is in control and have everyone dominated by his aggro play. You want to keep him thinking that way pal. At the end of the day, you will have better results against him.

      Aside from playing IP, I would suggest that you keep in mind the "minimax concept" against this guy. Try to price your hand on the flop, figure out what amount of your stack are you comfortable to play with your current hand against him and then proceed accordingly. Since you are IP, it is easy to pot control your marginal hands with show down value. This is important since you will be holding these kind of hands against him more often. This will help you feel confident since you are the one controlling the pot sizes. Hope this helps... :D
    • dannywratten
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      Didn't really read the notes, but he seems like a fairly straight forward guy to play against just looking at the pop-up.
      I would be 3betting fairly depolarised, esp in position if hes calling way too much.

      Depending on how wide you see him calling 3bets I'm probably 3betting most suited broadways for value & like TT+.
      If he starts 4betting a ton add more PP to 3b/5b with & start calling suited broadways I guess.

      Value bet thin, avoid barrelling, raise his cbets depolarised if he doesn't fold. Like TPTK+.
      Just c/f without equity.
      Try to get to SD when OOP when you can't bet multiple streets for value.

      Not really sure what to add, mostly don't over adjust & go crazy vs him. Thats a problem I have sometimes vs players like this guy.

      Disclaimer: I'm only an NL25 reg also, so some of my advice may not be so great :D
    • SPeedFANat1c
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      thanks for anwsers :)