I am worst of all

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      Hello, just making a thread to let you all know i suck at productivity more than you do.

      I have everything i need to be nananoko but i`m not.
      I am playing $15 hypers and doing pretty well. My av. duration is like lowest possible since ~80% of my games are aggressive rematching ego war vs (fish)reg. I don`t even tilt or get ego that much, i just dont recall myself clicking "decline" or looking who i sit. And still, i run at 4% evroi (which is decent for Hu HT).

      I have soo much time, but i keep wasting it. Even with my sucky volume i kinda dont have to find a job, i have no other serious things to do. I just waste my time. I go out, i spend time with girlfriend, i lurk 2p2, watch all kind of tv series. Finally, when my gf is busy, friends at work, no new episodes are out, every post on 2p2 husng section is read i waste my time playing some stupid games i don`t even like or feel addicted to. That is not even worse part. I feel more entertained after session (<3 HU) rather than after other crap i do. I even have "stamina" to pull long work hours (used to work as a chef). But i still dont do it.

      I suck at life to. It`s 3rd week i can`t finish reading "easy way to stop smoking". I still didnt clear my walls since NY eve (not sure what happened but coke/vodka/beer is all over them), did clean floor at least. I do no sports, i know that it would be good for poker, life, health, girlfriend would love tho. I could at least work out at home ffs.

      My sleeping habits are worse than yours. Trust me, yesterday i told myself: "i`ll go sleep at 2am". Were watching "Burn Notice" till 9:30am, woke up at 5pm and laid in bed till 6:30pm. Thats quite common.
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