• windar021
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      How many hands should I have before posting my stats to see my leaks here in PS?

      but anyway as of the moment here`s what I got:

      TOTAL of 14,139 hands
      Hands BB/ hour VPIP PFR
      BB 2623 -38.96 8.42 4.07
      SB 2642 -12.52 13.5 8.56
      EP 1382 14.05 8.39 8.32
      MP 2283 23.68 8.94 8.10
      CO 2570 11.18 14.4 12.5
      BTN 2639 44.14 16.5 12.6

      Flop CBET:

      Flop CBET%- 65.5%
      Flop CBET Success is only 52%

      Can anyone help me and tell me if this stats is ok

      my bb/100 is only 5.90 im not sure if this is low...

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    • acetbfish
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      It's ok to play nitty if this style suits you more, but your PFR is way too small on the Button. By checking your stats you can see that you are winning the most when playing from the button. So, raising more from the button is only going to make you win more money. Also, generally you should raise more hands in MP than in EP.

      Btw,you could post some more stats like raise first in, 3bet, steal, fold to steal etc.
      (And 5bb/100 is an okay winrate)