Something for nothing

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      Hello everyone , this is Thomas from Romania and this will be my new poker blog . Purpose of this blog is to keep track of my shit and for some extra motivation for the year.
      I will tell you guys from the start , this will be one of the greatest stories of poker success you will ever read . My determination for this year is one of the greatest I have ever had in my life and I have a strong feeling that I will create something great. My work ethic and my methods will seem just sickening for 99% of the people here , be ready to get to know the real fucking SuperMan. There will probably be a lot of controversy in this thread , which I definitely welcome , I hope we get some real haters in this bitch so that they will sprinkle their magic dust that give flavor to any forum thread.

      So enough about that , here is some info about my poker. Last year I played a lot of small-stakes shorthanded games on ongame . Since ongame broke in mid-december I needed to look another platform to play on for 2013 so I decided to try out pokerstars , deposited some cash and started playing on the ZOOM tables .

      more shit coming soon...
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