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am i doing something wrong ?

    • partyboy77
      Joined: 13.01.2013 Posts: 53
      am i doing something wrong ? or am i just run into a bad luck

      i have played 54 SNG 1$ turnaments the last 3 days at first i won 3. 1 place
      1. 2 place and 1. 3 place in the first 10 turnaments then i only placed 1. 3 place in the next 10 turnaments then i got 2. 3 place and 1. 2 place in the next 10 then i got 2. 2place and 2. 3place in the next 10 turnaments and then i really hit the wall with only 1 2. place in the last 14 turnaments

      so i have 3. 1 place
      5. 2 place
      6 3 place
      out of 54 played sng turnaments ... i dont have any hand tools to save my hands .. but i have some stats in % of my play cuz the site i play on keep them

      it says .. your actions : fold 64,84% call 6,66% check 10,51 %
      when do you fold : pre flop 73,72%
      flop 3,81%
      turn 0,93%
      river 0,68 %
      not folded 20,86%
      won hands : 16,55%
      bet 4,96 %
      raise 13,04 %
      re-raise 0,14 %
      won showdowns: 4,61 %
      seen flops: 16,55 %
      profit on seen flops: 40,66 %

      and the stats is out of 2363 hands

      i have used the hand board in SNG strategy for the early and middle phase from this site in the basic strategy section and when i have come under 12-13 bb or the so called push/fold phase i have only pushed with A10o+ and pocket par of 66+ when on the bubble and after the bubble i have pushed wit A2o+ and pocket pair 22+ and K10-KQo and J10o+ .. do i do something wrong or am i just in a bad roll and have to keep playing like im doing and wait n see ? :) .... any suggests will be apreciated ... and sorry for the spelling im not that good at english spelling :) ...
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    • abhi147
      Joined: 12.08.2011 Posts: 935
      tough to answer my friend

      1- tiniest volume
      2- please download pokertracker or hem trial and then play about 50 games then we can see your stats clearly and can comment a bit ( still low volume to comment on results )

      Watch videos on PS especially from LT3 and attend UNAMs coaching sessions
      Read read read and study study study

      Thats all i can say for now
    • Gentari
      Joined: 08.05.2011 Posts: 344
      I have just played a set of 10 $1/$2 6max games...

      1st: 1
      2nd: 0
      3rd: 2
      4th: 3
      5th: 2
      6th: 2

      -65% ROI (ev -19.3%)

      Yesterday 20 games

      1st: 5
      2nd: 5
      3rd: 5
      4th: 3
      5th: 2
      6th: 0

      25% ROI (ev 4.4%)

      It comes down to skill, luck and cards.

      I second what has already been suggested, download the trial version of Holdem Manager and play some games. You will be able to tell from your stats how you are doing.

      Looking at things without it will be difficult, good luck :)