can someone explaine me this term pleace?

    • parispanayi
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      Chances to hit the flop with suited connectors:

      * flush: 0,84%
      * flush draw: 10,9%

      Whats the difference between hitting a flush flush and hitting a flush draw?
      Isnt the same thing?
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    • mrjorisa
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      hitting the flush means having a completed flush on the flop but hitting a flush draw means hitting only 2 suites on the flop thus giving u a flush DRAW instead of a completed flush.

      hope that helps
    • shloogy
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      Draw - u haven't made ur hand yet but u have the chance to improve on turn or river.

      the 0.84 means that u will MAKE your hand (flush) right away on the turn, which most of the time is bad cuz u wont find ppl to pay u for it , most of the time.