[NL2-NL10] NLX - Hypothetical Hand

    • Philfox1985
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      I googled 'poker training' and the first search result advertised a poker IQ test.

      Within the test you play 50 full-ring hands against sylised opponents, based on your play you get a sore for your poker IQ.

      Anyway, one of the hands was quite interesting and I'm curious as to our judge's opinions:

      UTG ('Calling Station'): Raises 3bb's

      UTG + 1 ('Hero'): Dealt QQ - I 3-bet to 10 bb's

      UTG +2 ('Unknown'): 4-bets to 25bb's

      Everyone folds.....

      What do you do with your Q's!?

      I ended up folding as it seemed super strong to 4-bet against an early position raise & re-raise.

      It felt like his range would have to be AA, KK, AK or random bluff, but who bluffs there!?
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    • BogdanPS
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      Hi Philfox,

      What limits are we playing in this imaginary game? Stack sizes might be important (indication of how weak a player may be).

      If let's say everyone has 100 BB I'd fold here very often because we can't expect unknown UTG+2 to cold 4-bet bluff or do it very light here for value.

      If we have any reason to believe that UTG+2 knows that we could isolate the calling station light here then it's a different story and we could go with the hand (but this is only at higher limits and most likely with history).

      So by default it should an easy fold.
    • Philfox1985
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      I think its $1 / $2, but that being said they named the players to suggest ability and style. The stakes were largely for show rather than to suggest ability / playing style.

      There was one player called 'Poker-Pro' & one called 'Maniac', I would have gone with the hand against them.

      The test was quite good by the way, wouldn't be the worst way to start a training plan on this type of site. Its good that you play plenty of different hands from start to finish, almost like sweating someone to see how they play / what they need coaching on most.

      Turned out I'm in the top 5% who took the test....Shame it can't see how I would do on tilt :P