Pokertracker 3 + SnG

    • z4tz
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      Dont know if this has been asked beföre but ill ask again then.

      Can you get pokertracker to import tournament results (at least my own finnish and winnings) because atm it puts me with 0$ winnings and a 4th place as standard on all of them.
      Playing at titanpoker (ipoker).

      Thanks for any help since entering them manually takes quite a while.
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    • MagpieManny
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      You can enter them yourself with the tournament option.

      I added the base folder, the cashgame folder and tournament folder manually in PT3. You can do that under the iPoker Configuration tab...

      Hope that helped.

      I really haven't played tournaments nor SnG's on Titan yet.
    • z4tz
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      Ok thanks, ill try it out and hope it works.
      Knew about the manual entering but its quite a bitch when you havent entered for a while.
    • kennyxx
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      Interesting is that for me PT3 some turnament results leave blank so I have to fill result and sometimes buy-in too and some turnaments are filled correctly - no matter if I win or I am last or if I play MTT or STT.
      Is this normal? Because everybody here says that they have no results at all and have to fill every turnament result. But nobody says they have problems with buy-ins too.
      BTW: If I am importing hands manually by choosing directory (same as for autoimport) I usually have no problems but if I choose autoimport there are no results in most cases (but not all).
      I am playing with PT3 off and turning it on after playing for review.

      Can anybody try this?
      I usually have some "special features" in my software that is not working for anybody else :D , so I am afraid this is working for me only :D