Hi Guys.

Over the last few days I have been using SSS on NL100-NL200, as I wanted a rest from the SnG's and BSS.

I have been playing on Titan and Fulltilt poker at the same time, playing 18-20 tables.

The problem is that I have been disconnected twice from titan while playing. Although fulltilt and my other applications are still running, so their is no connection problems. Both times I have disconnected from titan, I have been involved in hands. Its bloody annoying, as I am now breakeven due to it folding my hands. I contacted support and they claim its nothing to do with them (as always). When I asked/complained about this, support threatened to disable my account. I am fed up with titan trying to screw me up the ass.

O yeh, I also found out that titan closes most of its tables at 12am GMT time. They tell you at the start of the hand. I was on 16 tables, and 15 of them were shut down. I was in the BB in 3 of these, and was UTG in 1. This is hugely -EV for a SSS player (for anyone really). I think its a fukin joke, you grind and grind, get cut off and have your hands folded. Then they close the tables and loose you more money.

I then tried to sit at other tables, and their was only 12 tables open, and none of the others were allowed to be open. The waiting lists were 12-15 people long, making titan unplayable at these times. First loosing you money and then not being able to play. Do other platforms close tables?

Rant over, heres my question. Is it possible that my computer/connection, can cut me off from titan poker and nothing else? I'm not convinced, and the second I have proof of address, I'm taking my rake elsewhere.

Sry to go on, Thx!