[NL2-NL10] Straight on coordinated board vs loose passive

    • riskcore
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      Prima, $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 6 Players
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      SB: $49.36 (493.6 bb)
      BB: $3.70 (37 bb)
      UTG: $10 (100 bb)
      Hero (MP): $10 (100 bb)
      CO: $11.42 (114.2 bb)
      BTN: $7.78 (77.8 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is MP with T A
      UTG folds, Hero raises to $0.40, CO calls $0.40, BTN calls $0.40, SB calls $0.35, BB folds

      Flop: ($1.70) J K Q (4 players)
      SB checks, Hero bets $1.35, CO folds, BTN calls $1.35, SB folds

      Turn: ($4.40) K (2 players)
      Hero bets $2.50, BTN calls $2.50

      River: ($9.40) 5 (2 players)
      Hero bets $5.75 and is all-in, BTN calls $3.53

      $16.46 pot ($0.82 rake)
      Final Board: J K Q K 5
      Hero showed T A and lost (-$7.78 net)
      BTN showed A 9 and won $15.64 ($7.86 net)

      opponent was a vpip 28/ pfr 0, with 30% AG, and 39% WTSD, Seen him shove his strong hands a few times.

      Was my bet sizing on the turn ok? I thought it was likely that he would reraise all his twopairs on the flop
      The river was a gross spot, I didnt know if i could get value from worse hands, but i also felt obligated to call if he made any bet,
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    • mbml
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      you are playing 100bb poker right? not sure why u are posting in the shortstack forums.

      I'm thinking that river is a c/f. What do you truly beat on the River?
      AK may reraise preflop. KQ KJ has a boat. Flushes beat you. I don't think he has too many combos of KT K9, basically you can't bet for value.

      And I think if he bets the River himself, I'm not too sure if you can actually c/c profitably. Would he valuebet KT and K9 when checked to? Maybe. You need to beat enough hands. I don't think he turns AQ or QT into a bluff often enough.

      So I'm leaning towards a c/f
    • riskcore
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      oops sorry, didnt realise posted wrong area, thx for quick reply
    • kymupa
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      I do agree with mbml to this one as well.

      I don't think that KT/K9 are enough combos here to justify a shove, since we are beat by so many hands in this spot plus if we check I'm not really sure he's going to bet those at all, plus people on these limits are not going to turn a made hand into a bluff, so I expect that AQ/QJ/QT are checking.