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MTT's [new thread]

    • nattybongo
      Joined: 11.07.2008 Posts: 47
      Originally posted by maverickbear
      It's important not to waste any chips early in tournaments imo, for the first hour you have to play tight and try to accumalate chips, if you wait for top hands right through the tournament then the blinds will just catch you up and swallow you up, like i said before, you have to constantly keep an eye on your M and play accordingly, if you watch some tourneys later in the game you will see some strange plays, many people comment fish fish fish, in fact it is quite the opposite, unless you are fortunate enough to be blessed with a large stack throughout the tourney then you have get involved before you get swallowed up

      The biggest mistake i see really is players who have a decent stack and push with hands like AJ AND JJ,

      natty, i recomend you read dan harrington's tournament strategy
      mtt's are more about strategy than your hands

      good luck
      i started that MTT thread at the start of poker stars 2x $2.20 R MTT n i got lucky after a rebuy n when i made it to 9,000 chips with an M of 18 i played it tight playing premium cards, pushing with KK AA AK after a raise and blind stealing. I managed to make it up to 35,000 in chips n my game play amazed me on how i was doing. There was one downfall was 3:45am and i was shatterd. Played some bad moves going up against the big stack (of the MTT!!!) but i got punished. I got knocked out trying to protect my big blind (a dan harrington thoery) with 87s n got beaten to trips. I came 83/900 (roughly) n made $5.50. Not much but if i maintain patience and consistancy them maybe i could get to the final table of a MTT n win big.

      Oh aye i was making notes on everyone which helps alot!
      Just thought i'd write it down.

      Still waiting for my Full Tilt SC to come....
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    • maverickbear
      Joined: 16.07.2008 Posts: 6
      hi man
      your'e crap hands would win some huge pots, but would need to go to the river on most occasions, but some hands at certain moments can become highly playable.

      If the blinds are creeping up and your m is say 15-18 then gambling with marginal hands(self prefrence) can make all the difference, tourneys are extremley hard and you are very unllikely to win one without gambling with marginal hands(even when it seems you have a healthy stack),

      As an afterthought
      i wonder how many times you need to get lucky to win a 900 runner tournament?

      in a 100 runner tourney i would say at least once
      does this mean in a 900 runner tourney at lest 9?
      maybe my logic is flawed X(

      Will never forget a hand from a $100 one rebuy one add $100k guaranteed, on 6 seater tables 2 months ago, i had previously placed well in a 24k event for $1500, so later in the week i decide to play the $100 1rb/1ao

      Played well(and had some luck) with 18 left and well in the money was sitting 3rd and well comfy to reach the final table(well possibly lol)
      six seater in the SB all fold to me,

      i have JJ (nightmare hand at times lol),

      i raised 4x bb be happy to take blinds as they are huge, but dont mind the call as i have plenty of chips
      bb who happens to be chip(my stack can seriously hurt him) leader calls

      flop is Qc Jc 7c

      imagine my delight at flopping a Jack, followed by the obvious scare of 3 clubs on the board, its me to act and im in a quandry, took all my available time and bet the pot, which still left me plenty to bet out on the turn(prob an all in)

      bb goes all in without using any time up
      big decision time for me, if i win this pot i become chip leader and will make the final table with a mass of chips, again i took all my time and felt he never had a made flush or even the nut flush draw but may of had the king eventually i decide i was in front but was only a 60/40 favourite, but if he was making a bluff move i am a million on, i decide to call
      he showed the only hand i never contemplated


      I was drawing to one out, worst possible scenario for me grrrrrrrr
      so went out 18th and cashed about 1.5k

      so in a nutshell mtt's are tough but i find them enjoyable, but for the majoritY they are -EV(that includes me) but a couple of 1st places can turn that around, thats why we carrying on strumming lol

      GL and stay out of the red zone