HM1 does not record all my hands

    • dizela86
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      I am using HM1.
      The problem is it does not record all my hands.
      Mostly it does not record the first hands when I sit at table lets say maybe 10-15 hands and the last hands before I sit out the table.
      I think it was not that way cause I could see all my hands before.

      So the thing is when I play I can see the statistics I can see the whole hand with HM1 but when I leave the table there is no hand history and the hand is not in the list of my session.

      Just to make sure that really is the case I checked this out several times already.
      Yesterday I played a big pot after the hand finished I watched the hand with HM1 while still at the poker room I even MARKED THE HAND.
      After that I left the table and the hand was not in session nor it was in hands when I opened the HM1

      Why is all this happening and how can I fix it ?
      Thank you
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