[NL20-NL50] NL20 SH 76s vs preflop agro fish

    • SPeedFANat1c
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      NL Holdem $0.20(BB) Replayer
      SB ($34.51)
      BB ($17.07)
      UTG ($33.03)
      Hero ($32.26)
      CO ($20)
      BTN ($20)

      Dealt to Hero 7:heart: 6:heart:

      UTG raises to $0.80, Hero calls $0.80, CO calls $0.80, fold, fold, BB calls $0.60

      FLOP ($3.30) K:spade: T:diamond: 9:heart:

      BB checks, UTG bets $1.60, Hero folds, CO folds, BB folds

      UTG wins $3.14



      open UTG w 63o, cbet 1/2 Q23 w weak pair, c/c 1/2 T, donk pot, call mr 6 - two pair - RIVER POT IS STRONG
      call donkbet w A5 QQx, check till sd
      c/c big cbet in 3way 78x w A2 bottom pair, c/c 2/3 9, check 9 - STATION

      CO: 22/19/5.5 3bet 11.2
      BTN: 19/16/2.4 3bet 5.7
      SB: 26/19/10.8, 3bet 9.2
      BB 56/17 fish

      Probably my call preflop is bad. After me there are 3regs who can squeze. Probably I just wanted to play so many hands vs him, but I could not find the right ones :)
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    • mbml
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      As raise sizes get larger, 3betting becomes more favourable than calling. Also note that your position on the table is really bad -> there are 4 other players left to act behind you and you often play multi-way which basically hand-cuffs you.

      I would rather 3bet preflop to isolate this guy. he folds pretty often to flop cbets in 3bet pots too anyway so you can just 3bet and then cbet most flops and expect to win really often.

      Then you can make fairly accurate postflop plays against this guy. if you flop a pair and draws are busted, just call one more street. if you hit a monster, just value town him.

    • SPeedFANat1c
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      Interesting, I would haave though 3beting as bluff preflop is just spew vs guy who does not fold to 3bets. Fcbet in 3bet pots - agian is not big sample. Could try maybe so get more info.
    • mbml
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      Here I think

      3bet > Fold > Call

      I think from BU you can consider calling. But OOP is just so tough to play. So many of them can just wake up with a hand and squeeze you here. Even if they call behind you it's not something great.

      I wouldn't be too concerned with him not folding.
      1) he folds a lot to cbets as mentioned earlier
      2) His range is just ultra wide. Imagine someone opening 70% from UTG and then folding only 10% of that range. It means his preflop range is just 60%+ of hands and he is playing so many random junk like K8o. If you cbet Flop most of the time, he is going to miss and check/fold most of the time.