Coaching problem

    • extpan
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      Hello to all,just want ask how to join coaching?I don't have "TUNE IN" on coaching in the side bar.I look video how to join but I don't have "tune in"...Do I need any softwer to download?tnx
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    • cannell555
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      Their is no "tune in" atm, as they aint running. Have a look at the dates and times. Not sure if you mean now or not. But I dont think you need any software. At least I never downloaded anything specific to watch them.
    • Velak
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      The very first coaching I joined, I had to install teamspeak... but as it turned out, that week they were having a problem with the normal coaching player, and went to teamspeak as a backup.

      It just happened to be during the first coaching I was ever trying to attend, so it caused a lot of confusion with me. Normally, I don't think there's anything you need to download.

      As Cannell555 mentioned, just wait until the appropriate time and date, then the button will show up (usually 10-15 minutes before the start of the session).